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1725 Hermitage Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32308

PPTS Jax - Services


  • Intake

    An initial interview and intake will be conducted to get to know the prospective client and family, determining if services are recommended. Once services are recommended, a few different assessments will be conducted. Some of the assessments used are the VB-MAPP, Essential For Living, Assessment of Functional Living Skills, Functional Assessment Interview, Functional Assessment Screening Tool and Child’s Behavior Rating Scale. Other assessments may be used dependent on the client. These assessments will give the BCBA information on how to best implement function based interventions.

  • ABA Therapy

    When participating ABA therapy, we get to focus on functional living skills, natural environment training, parent training and much more. Receiving this form of treatment creates an environment where the family participates in their child’s treatment program, which, in turn ensures that you get what you need to be successful in the home and community.
    The range of therapy hours can be anywhere from 6 hours per week to up to 40 hours per week, depending on the needs of the client.
    ABA is unique to each individual, therefore it can look like play or fun, which is Natural Environment Training or structured teaching, which is Discrete Trial Training. It can also look like consultations with parents or caregivers, teachers, doctors, therapists or other professionals in the client’s life.

  • Consultations

    Consultations can be a one time consultation or ongoing dependent on your child’s needs. Consultations are carried out over the phone, via zoom or in person.
    Consultations for small organizations or classrooms are also available upon request.