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Work & Life Skills


The Learning Center introduces
the Practical Assessment Exploration System.

Our goal of life, job, vocational, and soft skills training paired with academics gives our students an increased opportunity for success and independence.

We have used the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) to convert one of our classrooms into a work development lab where students become employees and teachers become supervisors. The Learning Center uses this lab to assess a student's competitive work potential and interest level, while simultaneously exploring various jobs, using real tools, and developing proper work behaviors in the following five areas:
  1. Business / Marketing
  2. Computer Technology
  3. Construction / Industrial
  4. Processing / Production
  5. Consumer / Service
This curriculum and software will allow our teacher to gather data as the student learns important skills for independence in Life training. The data will be a tool that will help our students find employment in an area that they excel in. This type of education will increase our students’ self-esteem, motivation and success in their daily life.

Business / Marketing

  • Alphabetizing
  • Identification / Filing
  • Numerical Sorting
  • Collating
  • Making Change
  • Cash Register
  • Ten Key Calculator
  • Typing

Computer Technology

  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Mailing Technology
  • Email
  • Information Technology
  • Information Management
  • Power Point
  • Digital Photos

Construction / Industrial Units

  • Shop Measurement
  • Wrenches and Bolts
  • Screws and Nails
  • Shop Saws
  • Wood Projects
  • Metal Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Parts Identification

Processing / Production Units

  • Bolt Assembly
  • Pipe Assembly
  • Color Assembly
  • Form Design
  • Peg Design
  • Visual Perception
  • Thread Design
  • Paper Cutting
  • Analog Time
  • Digital Time

Consumer / Service Units

  • Food Measurement
  • Food Preparation
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Food Service
  • Food Weights
  • Cloth Measurement
  • Hand Sewing
  • Machine Sewing
  • Cloth Construction
  • Housekeeping / Custodial

PAES® is Training in:

  • Basic Generalizable Vocational and Life Skills that relate to most careers.
  • Skills needed for vocational training, placement and independent living.

PAES® is Performance Based Assessments of:

  • Students Basic Generalizable Work and Life Skills
  • Students Work Interest and Preferences
  • Students Work Competitiveness
  • Students Work Behaviors
  • PAES® Assessments work with most Levels of Special Education Disabilities, including Non-Readers. PAES® Assessments can also be used for Middle School General Education students.

PAES® is Work Exploration:

  • PAES® provides exploration through HANDS-ON experience providing real and meaningful career information and knowledge of what they can do.

PAES® is Work Behavior Development:

  • PAES® assesses and trains proper work behaviors, eliminating many barriers to successful job placement.

How Does PAES® Operate?

  • PAES® is a hands on Comprehensive Work Development Curriculum that sets up in a typical sized school classroom.
  • PAES® operates in a simulated work environment. Students become employees; teachers become supervisors. Strict procedures are followed so students get the feel of real work, at the same time learn and explore new career vocational areas.
  • Each area has a comprehensive array of tasks for the students to perform. The instructor monitors the tasks and provides feedback and assistance where needed.
  • Students are encouraged to become as independent as possible and are awarded for their progress.
  • Students completing PAES® have a thorough knowledge of many job skills and have a better understanding of the real working world.
  • A comprehensive report is developed once a student has finished PAES®. This report can easily be used to develop Career Development Plans, School-To-Work Plans, IEPs and Transition Plans.
  • PAES® provides the foundation basics for School-To-Work Transition Plans
  • PAES® provides students with Real Knowledge that is relevant to their lives. Students are encouraged to become independent problem solvers and develop higher order thinking skills.

Student Outcomes

    Students who have successfully completed PAES®:

  • Know what they are good at doing
  • Know where their strengths are
  • Know work-related problem solving skills
  • Know proper work behavior needed on the job
  • Know where they are going
  • Know what careers interest them

Educational Outcomes

    When Students finish with PAES® teachers know:

  • What skills a student can actually perform
  • If students are competitive with the real world
  • What type of special assistance will be needed for slow learners, and the physically challenged
  • What work behaviors students have and which ones they need to develop
  • How to write better transition plans, because vital information is now available