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Therapy - Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Progressive Pediatric Physical Therapists (PT) specialize in assisting children reach their maximum potential to function independently and to promote active participation in their home, community, classroom and areas of play. Our physical therapists use their expertise to assess a child's ability to take part in important physical interactions with the world around them and are highly trained in movement activities to improve skills such as rolling, crawling, walking, running, playing games, and participation in sports. In addition, our physical therapists work to ensure successful and safe navigation of various environments for children who rely on mobility aids such as wheelchairs, orthotics and other supports. The Physical Therapy team incorporates many skilled intervention approaches, including stretching, positioning, soft tissue mobilization, strengthening, balance and coordination activities, gait and cardiopulmonary endurance training to enhance a child's capabilities and prevent skeletal deformities or muscular contracture. Physical Therapy at Progressive Pediatric provides evaluation, intervention and consultation in the following areas:

Gross motor development


Motor Learning

Tone management

Posture/postural control

Balance and coordination

Pre-gait and gait training

Movement and Mobility

Safety training

Adaptation of daily care activities and routines

Neuromuscular function

Cardiopulmonary endurance

Musculoskeletal conditions

Environmental adaptations/seating and positioning

Wheelchair positioning and mobility